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Empowering Future Leaders

Guardians for Literacy

Guardians for Literacy program is to create a positive impact by giving additional material to educate, inspire and motivate kids to become Intelligent and Responsible worldly citizens



We believe Literacy in history and culture is important in the upbringing of a child to respect and honor fellow citizens of the country and world. Literacy in understanding basic money management skills as simple as how credit or credit cards work and basic money management. Literacy in Geography, the territories of the world and learning a new language. G4L aims to provide the framework and be the catalyst in inspiring a generation that are intelligent human beings with Character.


Each literacy bundle aims to create awareness of the history of our country, where our culture has come from & geographical awareness. Fundamentals knowledge on essential money management skills, problem-solution skills are some of the areas of development focused on using a variety of hands on interactive, programs and books included in it.

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A Literacy Bundle

Each literacy bundle covers a topic we offer supplemental knowledge and education in. Subjects of interest Guardians for Literacy initiative cover but not limited to are:

  • Geography and Cultures around the world

  • Environment and Nature

  • Basic Financial Education

  • Arts

  • Creative Arts and Crafts Projects

  • DIY Science Projects

  • Animals

  • Self care and Hygiene ​

And so much more. Our goal is teach our recipients something new, they wouldn't have known fully if it wasn't for the Literacy Bundle.

How it works

When you purchase your books from this program, for every 10 books purchased, a “Literacy Bundle” containing different subject material and resources for kids designed to teach valuable life skills outside of the classroom, will be gifted back to the student itself, a school or a foundation of choice.

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg
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