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Addressing a slew of current challenges facing our shared future!

Conducting research and studying the land to replicate and develop the Earth's Biodynamic Software for Federal and Public Land Management for Agricultural Farming, and Biodynamic Land Management at scale.

To regenerate soil health and environmental well-being

Nature is speaking

Explore | Research | Discover | Innovate

we NEED to listen, and respond

A mission to ENABLE nature and Earth’s ways

LAND, the hardware--for which a deductively modeled framework of standardized regenerative agricultural practices encircled with operating technology, certified trained experts within a brand new employment category, mechanical devices, custom designed and built material, standardized operating systems, and the raw resources necessary for a farming practice to convert into a USDA standard organic operation circumscribe the proprietary WATH Biodynamic Land Management Software™


A blueprint encompassing instructions, educational training system, and a vertically integrated operating system that can be adapted by farmers, food growers, and land managers across North America.

This encourages optimal utility of natural resources with Zero waste production by ways of Science, Innovation, and Discovery.

Expansion across the USA making a standardized organic and regenerative agriculture system available to 2.02 million American farmers across 897 million acres


By 2030

1 Million

High Paying Green Jobs 

Attracting high school and college graduating generations! Jobs with honor bestowed for protecting and preserving our lands for the FUTURE.

INVITING Collaborations and Partnerships

ProjectTrident forms domestic and international alliances with steller non-profit organizations and many types of entities to bring change.

All initiatives are designed with 5-years, 10-years, 20-years and 100+years period projects of impact and ripples we enable, TODAY!

Pledge your Human Capital and Resource for ProjectTrident

Our success is predicated on the contributions of the great minds, efforts, and resources! Every initiative is designed to scale globally, with your contribution.

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