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Past Work



The partnership between We Are The Hope, Shop Now To Fund, and others  allowed us to fulfill impactful community initiatives in collaboration with athletes, entertainers, and community leaders. Whether it was an NFL star reaching his fundraising target or the #Food4Florence mission donating emergency food boxes to disaster relief centers. Each campaign’s goals were successfully accomplished.

FEEL Movement

Brandon Marshall, a professional athlete, always has the heart to help others. On behalf of William Marshall Cares Leadership Program (WMC), in partnership with ShopNowToFund (SNTF), Brandon Marshall initiated the FEEL Movement: Feed Educate and Empower Leaders.

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Foodbank initiative created emergency food boxes to families. Filled with non and semi- perishable food items, SNTF gathered the items, people, and logistics team to mobilize the effort in partnership with WATH and Courage Forward (501c3), once the fundraising goal was met. This initiative donated the food boxes to disaster relief centers housing victims of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

Toy Drive


Christmas season 2018, actress, model and singer Porscha Coleman, brought a smile to children that are not able to celebrate Christmas at home with family. She donated toys to girls and boys at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Toy Drive


NFL athlete Omar Bolden wanted to make a difference for kids in difficult circumstances. Omar wants to help kids whose journeys can be enhanced with some showering of caring during the Holiday season through a Toy Drive.



Wawela organization aids recovering cancer patients with financial support and preventative care education. This campaign took a group of cancer patients on a holistic retreat focused on enhancing their mental and emotional well-being along their recovery journey.

Project Mission Position's goal is to prevent sex trafficking and sexploitation of women and children through awareness and education. The funds raised were used to travel to Cambodia and distribute rice bags, and school supplies while educating women and children on sex trafficking and preventative measures to stay safe.

Project MP

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