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Earth-ship biodynamic homes + essential social and communal structures designed in to a modular sustainable living community for veterans and service members yearning a miracle—A HOME.

BRAVEVILLE provides permanent housing for eligible displaced-veteran candidates currently living in shelters and transition homes that are ineligible for employment due to irregular addresses. A social reintegration process including employment opportunities, community management roles, and workforce for neighboring towns.

Solving a slew of current challenges facing our shared future!

Permanently Housing Veterans Biodynamic Operation Regenerating Soil Health |

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WATHi: Braveville is an endowment program allowing independent farmers and land owners to donate the minimum allocation parcel of land—in turn Braveville develops a living community for veterans. We abide by State permits and laws to house the optimal qualifying earth-ship homes  and structures. Braveville developments are permanent housing spoliation for displaced and discharging veterans after service—providing employment, social reintegration programs, and biodynamic farming/land management career training.

Braveville Governance Trust Committee and the locally voted-in committee members of each of the independent towns will see the appreciation of the land and optimize the income producing activities towards a surplus of production within each Braveville community. The appreciation is given back to the citizens in the form of health and wellness, vocational training and education, sustainable earth-ship housing, and essential social services. Residents, in return, own their homes on the land and are enriched as home values increase, the jobs bring in wealth and lifestyle enhancements, and a world of inventions and innovations!


35+ acres minimum parcel of land housing 

20+ veterans | 15+ structures

All parcels of land within the endowment are preserved, conserved, and adhering to ProjectTrident™ ecological values through the course of the development.

The inaugural community is set for development in Colorado; enveloped within a family-run farmland transitioning into a USDA certified organic regenerative agricultural operation—TheOrchard.

Resident veterans of Braveville community working at TheOrchard will be fully trained and equipped with hands-on experience ready to train the next wave of Global Biodynamic Farmers and Land Management Experts; whereby, within several years transition into key executive roles to see the expansion across the nation.

Primary demand to develop a Braveville Community shall be by independent farmers—seeking the workforce of biodynamic farming specialists and land manager. The period of “hyper-growth,” is expected to be between 2025 and 2030. We will produce a modular blueprint, and the normative frameworks to develop programs adaptable by local and state democracies.

The Story of Braveville shared through the Documentrio


An informative limited content series showcasing the BRAVEVILLE Pioneers laying the ground work for a biodynamic and self sustaining living communities, utilizing regenerative agriculture practices along side inspiring veterans: the BRAVE FIFTY.

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There are many different ways to do your part to support the Braveville veteran support community. We have a plan, and we need you to contribute your time and expertise!

Pledge 10-HOURS each year dedicating your expertise to the Global Time Bank for calendar year 2022 | 2023 | 2024 | 2025 towards the development of Braveville. Belong to a patriotic group of masterminds pledging for the betterment of EARTH, and Humanity!




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