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"We Are The Hope [WATH] is proud to announce we have partnered with the MISSION, to initiative Power Of Women Mastermind Society empowering the birth of for-benefit corporation "The Muses"; singing global anthems with lyrics inspired by interviews with world leaders and experts. WATH takes pride in our mission of paving the path towards resources for communities around the world by collaborating with organizations like the MISSION to creatively carry the message  and impact of our work to reach a Global audience."

- We Are The Hope (WATH)

MISSION is a non-profit organization that supports women and children worldwide, defending their rights and protecting them from physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, through education and activism.

MISSION is headquartered in Italy, with an international network in 150 countries. MISSION was founded by former Miss Italy, Lawyer and Musician, Valeria Altobelli, and is comprised of Hundreds of powerful women who first met as contestants in the Miss World pageant in China. These amazing women are ambassadors of beauty, culture, and values, and collectively reach millions of people worldwide.


Featured on CNN


MISSION's "I'm Standing With You" Campaign is receiving a lot of support from around the world. This campaign rendered the 2020 Oscar Nominated song by Hollywoods' Most Elite song writer Diane Warren  by bringing together Misses from Miss Universe and Miss World throughout the years to sing the song in 26 Languages where all proceeds will go towards supporting the MISSION.

Los Angeles Italian Film, Fashion, and Art Festival 2020

March 24th, 2020


Past Events

MISSION's global "superwomen" launched "We Stand With You" (WSWY) campaign, featuring a 2020 Oscar-nominated song to inspire the world to stand up against the abuse of women and children. While there are many movements that spurred people to speak out about abuse, this campaign will enable WSWY abused women and children to reach out and get help to overcome abuse. 


Audience from around the world support the MISSION and the song written by platinum-selling songwriter Diane Warren along with Academy-Award nominated film composer John Debney and Grammy Award-winning producer Manny Marroquin. 


The WSWY campaign sends a message to all of those who suffer abuse to reach out and seek help and MISSION is trilled to spread awareness globally.

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