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The Ways of Participation


As the Wisdomcommittee, you're encouraged to be an active member of society. There are several ways to make difference here.



WATH Global Ambassadors

are the soldiers of our initiatives who's standing by to bring awareness to important causes through creative collaborations. Public figures, who’s mission is in alignment with ours, to share initiatives with their audience. WATH Global Ambassadors make up individuals from different walks of life, like Actors, Singers, Artists, Song writers, Pageant participants, Athletes, Advocates, Producers, Public Speakers and more.

WATH Conscious Committee

the “Think Tank” of the WATH Initiatives. The Conscious committee comprise of professors, educators, scholars, policy makers, researchers, economists, philosophers and other important societal advisors from around the Globe united and connected under a single mission of researching, discussing and suggesting innovative solutions and offering informative documentation to make the best decisions for the betterment of Humanity through our initiatives.

Request to join

the wisdomcommittee

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